People around the globe are using PEMF to reduce pain and fuel their body’s natural healing and regenerative processes so they can live their lives to the fullest.

Whether you’re a grandparent who wants to enjoy playing with your grandchildren, a mom who wants to enjoy her family and career, someone who wants to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, or a world class athlete who wants to push your body to it’s maximum potential… PEMF is the answer!



Research shows that introducing low frequency pulsed electro-magnetic fields (PEMF) for a short time frame after the introduction of stem cell therapy can have multiple positive effects on the process.

PEMF therapy at the proper frequency can significantly increase the replication rate of the stem cells. This means more cells will be produced, resulting in more new tissue being regenerated. In addition, PEMF helps to signal other components in the body that assist the process of cell replication.

PEMF has been shown to aid in the differentiation process of stem cells. This means PEMF can help stem cells identify as the cells of need in the body. For example, when stem cells are injected into a joint that has lost cartilage the stem cells are drawn to the area of need (in this case the body needs more cartilage) and they begin to identify as cartilage cells. After they become actual cartilage cells they begin to replicate and make more cartilage cells which in turn builds new cartilage.

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